Smart products are all the rage at the moment. With so many different products available from Altech there’s something to suit everyone, including landlords and houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs).

If you’re not already recommending the Altech smart products to your customers, you could be missing a trick.

Stay connected

The Universal Gateway sits at the heart of the Altech range. It connects to the router and allows users to link the products so they can interact with one another. They can also be controlled from a mobile device using the Smart Home app.

That means landlords or those with lodgers can use their phone to check the status of the tech they’ve got installed, from plugs to TRVs.

Monitor energy usage

Whether your customer has a single or three phase electricity supply, the Altech Smart Energy Monitor can easily be attached to the live outgoing meter tail, allowing electricity usage to be seen on the app.

Landlords or those with tenants can then accurately keep track of usage if they need to know how much to bill, or renters can see exactly what they need to pay.

Set separate temperatures

The Altech Wireless TRV lets your customers precisely control the temperature of each room by turning individual radiators up or down.

If a landlord is renting out a property to a young family, the parents can choose to have their child’s room a couple of degrees warmer than their own to create the perfect environment for everyone.

Safety first

Security is a major concern for landlords, which is why the Altech Window and Door Sensors are ideal for protecting properties. When fitted, they acknowledge when doors or windows have been opened or closed, and can send an alert to the Smart Home app so tenants or landlords know when there’s a breach.

Push the button

If landlords or those in HMOs know there’s no one else in and want to switch everything off, they can with the Altech Smart Button. All they have to do is press the button on their way out of the door to make sure the heating, lighting or any chargers connected to smart products turn off.

It’s a great way to reduce energy use when no one’s home!

Find out more

If you want more information about our exclusive range of Altech smart products, or pick some up for yourself, just visit your local branch.