You may be asked by your customer about underfloor heating and if this would be suitable over a conventional radiator based system… so we put together this quick guide to help you answer your customers questions.

1. Overall comfort levels

Underfloor heating systems distribute the heat evenly across a room with the added benefit of taking the chill off tiled floors on cold winter days.

Conventional heating systems concentrates on the areas of the room where a draft is more likely and then this pushes the warm aim into the room. Usually positioned under a window it can help with poorly insulated windows.

2. The costs involved

Underfloor heating systems can be more costly to setup initially but long term savings can be achieved with the right set up. The underfloor heating systems should operate at a lower temperature and spread the heat efficiently.

3. The style

With underfloor heating you can create a sense of luxury with clean lines by having no radiators hanging on the walls giving a truly minimalist finish.

Now that radiators are available as decorative works of art you could turn your customers old radiator into a work of art! It depends on your customers style but there are modern and traditional options available to suit the decor in any room.

Underfloor heating has become popular in smaller rooms, like the bathroom, where space is more limited HOWEVER a nice warm towel coming off a towel warmer could be just as comforting

4. Health and wellbeing

You may not have considered this before but its worth bringing up… radiators attract dust and this could be a good point to raise with asthmatics or customers with serious allergies.

5. Type of flooring

If your customer is looking to install a carpet, then a conventional radiator would work best but if they are looking to install tiles then underfloor heating would be more beneficial. Having said that, you will need to look into the flooring being used as many, thicker flooring types are not suitable with underfloor heating.

6. What else do you need to consider?

The controls are just as important to the customer and with smart controls becoming a popular option this should be something to consider.

Did you know that Smart Controls are now a possibility with underfloor heating? Take a look at the Uponor Smatrix Pulse Smart Controls that are easy to control, easy to install and easy on the wallet too:

  • Underfloor heating can be controlled via voice activation (Google Home or Alexa) or via a mobile app which allows you to set underfloor heating while away from home
  • Remote diagnostics feature for installers i.e. they can sort out underfloor heating control issues offsite
  • Auto-balancing technology ensures that optimal energy is used at all time- save energy costs

To find out more about the SMatrix Pulse check out their friendly user guide or have a look at their homeowner guide which helps explain underfloor heating to your customers.

Find out more in your local branch today.