Our team has scoured the plumbing and heating world to find the latest industry trends. Searching high and low, they found this trend right under their feet!

What’s hot

One of the best – and hottest – ways to heat a home is with underfloor heating, accounting for 6.5% of the total UK heating market.

It provides even and consistent heat to a room using a lower temperature, so you don’t end up with a hot face and cold feet! It’s great for families with young children too, as all the pipes are hidden under your feet so there’s no chance of scalding.

The temperature of each room can be controlled individually, so if you want your kitchen to be cooler than your living room, it can be. Bang on!

If your customers are interested in underfloor heating, visit your local branch to find out more about our full quotation, design service and pipe solution sizes.

What’s not

Nobody likes cold feet! We’ve all been there, walking on a cold floor without any socks or shoes on. Don’t let your customers’ toes touch those tiles! Cold floors are so not hot – and you all know it!