Happy New Year! To kick off 2017 we’ve been exploring the latest trends, looking at products new and old, to let you know What’s Hot and What’s Not in the world of plumbing and heating.

What’s Hot

It’s chilly outside so here’s a little something hot to warm your cockles.

Presenting the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation – this clever gadget gets to know your customer’s temperature preferences and creates a schedule based on their usage, or they can programme in their own. It turns itself down when homeowners are out or away, can be connected to a smartphone and controlled away from home using the Nest App. It can be used to control hot water too, so they needn’t even leave the sofa.

The Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation is simple to use. It features backlighting with the time, temperature or weather. It’s available at Graham in Copper, White and Black for the same price as the Stainless Steel option – cracking.

Missed the Nest team on their tour of our branches? Tweet us your Nest question and we’ll put them to their experts.

There’s still time to catch the tour at:

  • Cardiff (Ipswich Road), 09/01/17 8-11am
  • Shirley, 09/01/17 1-4pm
  • Cheltenham, 12/01/17 8-11am
  • Paisley, 16/01/17 8-11am
  • East Kilbride, 17/01/17 8-11am
  • Dumfries, 18/01/17 8-11am
  • Morecambe, 19/01/17 8-11am
  • Newbury, 24/01/17 8-11am
  • Aylesbury, 26/01/17 8-11am
  • Coventry, 26/01/17 1-4pm
  • Redditch, 02/02/17 8-11am
  • Chester, 09/02/17 8-11am
  • Barnsley, 13/02/17 8-11am

What’s Not

Smart heating means customers can wave goodbye to a cold home and having to wrap up whilst the heating kicks in, or even worse – taking a cold shower because they forgot to stick the hot water on. These situations are so not hot, they’re freezing – literally!