Our team has been scouring the world of plumbing products to let you know What’s Hot and What’s Not. Read on to find out the latest trends in pipe repair.

What’s Hot

We reckon you’ve seen plenty of burst pipes in your career. From dodgy installs to DIY disasters, they can wreak havoc in homes and cause lots of problems for your customers.

Here to minimise the damage, the Rothenberger Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair is bang on for leaky pipes. This repair clamp is easy to use and works on metal, plastic and multilayer pipes. It’s re-usable and can withstand 10bar pressure, letting the pipe function again under normal pressures and temperatures once fitted.

You can stop leaks fast, as the Rothenberger Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair can be fitted when the leak is still in full flow – stopping a fast flowing burst pipe in its tracks.

If you’ve never used one of these before, no problem! Rothenberger has a handy demo video to get you up to speed!

What’s Not

We all like a good shower, but getting drenched by a leaky pipe isn’t quite what we were thinking. Leaks, floods and running around trying to work out where the stop tap is are definitely not hot at all! Scrap that – get that leak under control. Then figure out how you turn the water off.