Hot on the heels of the latest trends, we’ve been checking out products, new and old, to tell you know What’s Hot and What’s Not in the plumbing world.


When it comes to installing showers you’ve probably seen it all, but have you seen the iBox Universal from Hansgrohe? We thought not!

This handy little gadget allows a concealed installation into the wall, meaning your customer’s shower will look sleeker and it will give them more space. Compatible with over 200 mixer designs in Hansgrohe’s ranges, the iBox Universal allows you to install the base body now and pick the look of the shower or valve later. If your customers fancy a new look – they can simply choose a new design.

Hansgrohe have even created a helpful installation video to help you with your first fitting.


Flexi Friday meets dodgy shower. Badly fitted. Leaky. Old. You know the one. If you see one of these on an install, do your customers a favour and either fix it or rip it out. Here’s a couple from Plumber Parts that are so not hot, they’re freezing!