Last year, you were called out to your fair share of #terrortoilets, #flexifridays and #shonkyshowers. To champion the installers taking on these cowboy jobs to make them right, we teamed up with Sheriff James, from, to give away prizes to the best (or should that be worst?) #WildWestWednesday pictures.

Here are some of the most memorable:

There’s a reason why these are called ‘towel’ radiators, guys! No excuse (found by Tony Knipe)
There’s taking a notch out of a joist, then there’s this… we have no words (found by James McMichael)
What came first. The dread flue or the satellite dish? (found by Brendan Shepherd)

2017 wasn’t all about fails! You shared some awesome work too, so we’ve pick out a few of our favourites of them:

This cracking piece of pipework is, in fact, a copper model of Silverstone race track – we’re definitely impressed with these skills!
Wowzer! These really are pipes of glory, eh? Great stuff from JW Heating.
As a new apprentice, Ben’s work is coming on well – keep it up!

This year, we’re hoping to see even more great work from you guys. If you’ve got a job you’re proud of, send it over and we’ll give it a share!