Monarch Water have launched the new range of water softeners with added benefits for both you and your customers.

Having seen an increasing demand from consumers for more sustainable solutions, Monarch Water launched the new High Efficiency (HE) range.

The details

There are three models in the range to accommodate different size households:

Model Dimensions Suitable size household
MiniAqua HE (H)48cm x (W)27cm x (D)48.5cm Up to 3 person household
Ultimate Midi HE (H)55.5cm x (W)27cm x (D)48.5cm Up to 5 person household
Ultimate Master HE (H)71cm x (W)27cm x (D)48.5cm Up to 7 person household

The features

All of the above models have the same great features which includes:

  • A compact, sleek and modern design. The range is actually 28mm shorter than previous models.
  • Digital interface making it easier to read and adds to the modern appearance
  • ¾ inch male connections
  • Opti-Brining® technology (more on this below)
  • Hi-Flow Rapid Fit Bypass (again, more on this below)

Opti-Brining® technology

Energy Saving

Compared with previous generations the HE range only regenerates when needed, using less of everything: Less water, less salt and less energy. Monarch Water claims that you can save up to 24% less water and 12% less salt than the equivalent counterparts.

High-Flow Rapid Bypass

Less Tools Needed

Simply connect the water in and out form the mains then connect the hoses to the softener… water softener installed! There is nearly 80% less equipment needed to install the Monarch Water HE range compared to other models.

The benefits to your customer

Do you ever get asked by your customer: what is the benefit to me? Well, here we have a concise list you can give to your customers:

  1. Universal: Compatible to any boiler so it doesn’t matter what system you have, you can have a water softener
  2. Protection: It protects your whole house from deposit build-up so you have peace of mind
  3. Scale free: It removes existing limescale so it’s not just from the day its installed
  4. Sustainable: Reduces energy consumption
  5. Cost effective: Make savings on detergents, chemicals and toiletries

The benefits to you

To summarise the benefits of the new range from Monarch Water we have made a list for you too:

  1. Easy installation: With the Hi-Flow rapid fit bypass things couldn’t be simpler
  2. Compact: With it being 28mm shorter than previous ranges it makes siting easier
  3. Free Flow Valve technology: you get the highest flow rates with the lowest pressure drop
  4. UK specific: the range has been specifically developed for the UK market
  5. Opti-brining® technology is a great new feature to be able to sell the idea to your customers

Pop into your local branch to find out more about the new range and more.