Not only is the Triton Pro-Fit available at a great price in Trade Saver, it was created with the professional in mind to make life easier when it comes to installation. We wanted to take a look at why this could be the perfect solution and alternative to the ever popular T80Z Fast-Fit(FF).

The connections

Entry points: One of the best things about going for the T80 Pro-Fit is that you get 8 water and 8 cable entry points compared with the 6 cable entry points you get on the T80Z FF. This gives you a much greater choice when it comes to installation.

Inlet options: The water inlet can be left or right but unlike the T80Z FF you don’t have to swivel to the position needed as it’s a dual port water inlet.

Pipe type: You can connect copper or plastic with compression as you could with the T80Z FF but now you have even greater flexibility of installation with the ability to use push fit technology too.

Other bonus features: you also get wire free cover fit and the nut/olive is supplied.

The size

Height: 355mm instead of 334mm (T80Z FF dimensions).

Width: 230mm instead of 225mm (T80Z FF dimensions).

The benefit: the generous footprint allows you to cover the footprint of many electric shower models as well as the Triton T80Z FF.

Riser rail: the riser rail is longer than previous models at up to 620mm so its perfect for replacement installations where the tiles are being kept the same.

The original benefits

Dura-Flow technology: As with the T80Z FF the T80 Pro-Fit brings you the Triton heater technology that helps reduce lime-scale build up.

Guarantee: You get Tritons 2 year full parts and labour guarantee with this electric shower as standard.

The benefits for your customer

Storage: Triton understands that times have changed and the use of soap in the shower is a lot less popular so with the T80 Pro-Fit you get a bottle tray instead for your shower gel or shampoo.

Extra reach: The hose length (1.5m instead of 1.25m) has increased for a greater flexibility for the end user.

The Triton T80 Pro-Fit is available in 7.5kW, 8.5kW, 9.5kW, 10.5kW and an Eco 8.5kW power rating so get in touch with your local Graham branch to order one for your next electric shower installation and give it a go for yourself.