As a nation, we’re as divided about how we take our tea as we are about the length and temperature of our showers. Are you the type who likes to take their time, or do you prefer a quick one?

Triton knows that we’re fussy about our showers, so their new TV ad is all about the different types of showering personalities you might come across.

Showers for all your customers

From singers who hang about, to heat soakers who can’t get enough of searing temperatures, Triton has a shower to suit.

The Electric

You probably know Triton for their electric showers, and with good reason – they combine advanced technology with outstanding designs and have a style for everyone.

The Mixer

Triton’s wide choice of styles and functions means you can find something for any customer.

The Digital

Digital showers are ideal for injecting a bit of tech first thing in the morning and even let customers start their shower remotely. There’s also a wide range of mix and match accessories, so your customers can create their own look.

To find out more about Triton’s different shower ranges, just pop into your local branch.