With the weather starting to heat up we start to dust off the BBQ and bring the suitcases down from the loft space but we want reassurance the home is safe while we are out. That is where Smart Technology can help.

Hosting a BBQ or Garden Party?

Get alerts to your phone while cooking (or taking a picture for your Insta page)

Let’s set the scene…

How many times have you got to the house that is hosting the BBQ and not been able to get an answer at the door as everybody is out in the garden? You often end up shouting over the fence or having to try and call somebody to let you in.

What is the solution?

Well, you could leave your front door open with a smart indoor camera that picks up movement and tells you somebody is in the house – that way you can get an alert to your phone and take a look to make sure it isn’t an unwanted guest!

However, if you don’t feel comfortable leaving your home exposed at all you could always install a smart doorbell that includes a video with talk and listen technology. That way you can get an alert to your phone that someone is ready and waiting for you outside even if you can’t hear the doorbell chime in the house. You could then pair this with a combination lock on the gate that leads directly to the garden and give them the code to let themselves in (you can even change the code when everyone leaves to add to the security).

Or, how about a smart lock on the front door? You could have a keyless entry system using your phone or a key fob to gain access and set up temporary, one-off access for your house guests. They could then use their smart phone just the once to gain access to your house and after that the code becomes obsolete. This could also be a great solution or combination with the rest of these scenarios…

Going out for the day?

Let’s set the scene…

Did you remember to turn off the hair straighteners? Did you leave the kitchen window unlocked after you burnt the toast this morning and needed to vent the room?

What is the solution?

Check your home from anywhere with your Smart phone

Well, with handy sensors you will quickly learn if something isn’t right. There are smoke detectors, door and window sensors as well as leak and temperature detectors that would alert you on your phone via an app if the worst were to happen.

Also, if you can’t remember if you switched something off you could always install smart plugs in your home that can be status checked to see if you switched them off. And if you didn’t? Well you can do that from the app too! No more worrying or having to cut a day trip short because of potentially unnecessary worry. There are lots of other benefits to smart technology too like with the vulnerable as one of our Graham Family members found out last year (full article here)

Don’t forget the smart lock option mentioned in the first section of this article. You could ask a neighbour to pop in to lock the window or turn off the straighteners without having to permanently leave a house key with someone or under the doormat.

Going on holiday?

Wherever you choose to go you can check in at home

Let’s set the scene…

You may leave your work van on the drive for the time you are away and want the peace of mind that nobody will try to break in or steal it.

What is the solution?

Well, how about an outdoor camera? You can install a camera that works outside in all-weather so even if its glorious and sunny in your chosen destination and pouring with rain back at home it will still work.

Get an alert to your phone, via an app, that tells you there is movement outside so you can check in live or watch back later to see what is happening. You can even talk to a person outside your property with a built in microphone so it will seem as though you are home and act as a better deterrent to potential intruders.

The same goes for unwanted visitors ringing the doorbell if you have a smart doorbell with talk and listen technology as well as a camera so you can make it seem that you are home when you aren’t.

Leave your phone or home or take it with you – It’s up to you!

With the percentage of households with mobile phones growing significantly over recent years it’s highly likely you have a mobile phone BUT do you really want to take it away with you? Well, why not set up an additional admin on your app and give the control to a trusted friend or family member instead? That way you house is protected and you can relax and enjoy your holiday without having to monitor your phone for alerts.

How about Smart lighting? It doesn’t seem like way to help protect or secure your property but it CAN act as a deterrent to potential intruders. You can set a schedule for the lighting to come off and on at certain times or remotely so it gives the appearance of someone being at home.

Leaving your home under the care of another?

Let’s set the scene…

Let’s set the scene, you want someone to water your favourite pot plant, put the bins out or simply feed the dog. You have left your teenager in charge.

What is the solution?

Indoor cameras would help here as you can see who is coming and going and with some having facial recognition you can set the alerts to come up only when someone you don’t recognise enters the house. Great for foiling the un-authorised house party under way.

Indoor cameras are also a great idea for keeping an eye on the dog as you can talk and listen and even send a tasty treat in their direction if they have been a ‘good dog’ on some!

You can be sat on the beach enjoying the sunshine and maybe a sangria if you choose and still be able to check in at home using an app on your phone.

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