No need to beware of the dog, as Evo-Stik’s The Dog’s B*ll*cks is a friendly multi-functional adhesive and sealant that’ll sort you right out. It’s so good, our pal Plumberparts even used it in his own house!

The most advanced formula yet

It sticks stuff to other stuff, stops water getting in or out of where it shouldn’t be and is also UV and mould resistant – so it won’t go a horrible black or yellow colour as it ages.

Plastic, metal, wood, even wet surfaces, it’ll stick ‘em! It’s perfect for nearly every task you can throw at it. You can even paint over it – not that you’d want to hide how beautiful it looks though – and use it as a gap filler or caulk.

Whether you want to exercise the dog indoors or out, you can – gutters, skirting boards, and as Plumberparts shows, shower trims, you can use it on them all and more. It comes in six different colours as well, so you can pick the pooch to suit you!

It really is the Dog’s B*ll*cks

The name really tells you all you need to know, so visit your local branch to pick up your own today.