We all know that filters are the ideal option to protect central heating systems – but sometimes you’re faced with a system where it’s difficult to find the space to fit one. With that in mind, the Fernox TF1 Compact Filter offers installers an ideal solution to enable all homes, large or small, to benefit from the addition of an in-line system filter.

Now available in our branches, the TF1 Compact Filter 22mm protects central heating systems by utilising magnetic and hydrocyclonic action to remove and contain system contaminants, resulting in a more energy efficient system.

Some of you might already be using the standard size Fernox TF1 Total Filter –the Compact version is 30% smaller – but it still packs the same punch in terms of performance. The device is ideal for properties where space is limited or access is restricted around the boiler.

It’s also really easy to clean as installers don’t have to dismantle the filter, which is really beneficial when you’re looking to reduce time on-site in the annual maintenance or service. By installing a filter, your customers can rest assured that they have a well-protected, central heating system which is able to work at optimum efficiency.

However installers must ensure that a filter is used in combination with chemical water treatments. Prior to installation, the system should be cleaned using a product like Fernox Cleaner F3, and afterwards, a quality corrosion inhibitor such as Fernox Protector F1 should be added to the system water to prevent corrosion from taking place, and to keep the system as energy efficient as possible.

For example, when using Cleaner F3 and the Protector F1 together, gas savings of up to 15% can be achieved every time a room is heated up. If you’re looking at an average size three-bedroom property – this can save approximately £220 per annum on heating bills.

So when you’re next in one of our branches – make sure you take a look at the Fernox TF1 Compact Filter. It’s a valuable option to have when faced with a system with limited space around the boiler, as it means all customers can benefit from TF1 filter technology.