We are here to support your business the best way we can but we understand that we don’t always get it right and that’s exactly why we need your help.  We want to recognise the great service you receive in branch but also look at ways that we can improve so that we can continue to support your business.


What is it and why?

You may have received a call in the past after you have visited one of our branches asking how the service was but we understood that this wasn’t always a convenient time for you. That’s where Tell Graham comes in. It’s a dedicated website to gather your feedback which has been designed to only take you a short amount of time to complete but gathers all the important information needed to help us improve.

How do you get involved?

If you are signed up to receive our email campaigns, you will have had an invite asking you to get involved and visit the new website. You may have also seen the invitation card in branch which gives you the details needed to enter your feedback on Tell Graham. If you haven’t seen either of these yet, then just visit TellGraham.com to find out more.

When can we feed back?

The website is live now and any time that you visit a Graham branch we welcome you to fill in a survey about your experience. All you need to do is go to TellGraham.com and enter the branch number (don’t worry its easy to find if you don’t know) and fill in the form. We want to celebrate the success too so if you have had a great experience with a particular person or branch please also let us know in your feedback.

How much time does this take?

The survey only takes 5 minutes to complete and is comprised of simple tick box answers with the option to put in further detail if you wish. Just remember, the more you put in these boxes the more we can do to improve our services in future.

What’s in it for me?

By helping us improve our services you will gain a better customer experience when you shop with us in future so it’s really a win, win. Oh, and did we mention? To celebrate the launch, we are also giving you the chance to win food vouchers. Find out more in your local branch.

So, to summarise:

– Go to your local branch
– Pick up an invitation card or just go straight to TellGraham.com
– Take 5 minutes to enter the details of your visit
– Potentially win some free food