That means it’s been built especially for you! Grundfos developed the SOLOLIFT2 range of macerator and waste water removal according to your needs. It is highly reliable and offers an easy, clean service.

How does it work?

This is the technical bit… The Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 range enables drainage of any domestic sanitary appliance wherever needed, independent from the gravity drain system. The units collect and pump the waste water through a thin pressure pipe (less than 23mm) to the next down pipe – up to 6m high or 100m vertically.

What’s in the range?

To answer this question, we have put together the following table:

NameApplicationNumber of
additional inlets
WC-1Macerator to take waste water from a toilet and one further appliance1
WC-3Macerator to take waste water from a toilet & further appliances 3
CWC-3Extra slim macerator to take waste water from a toilet & further appliances 3
C-3Designed to take grey waste water from several appliances3
D-2 Designed to take grey waste water from several appliances 2

What’s in it for me?

This question is an easy one to answer. There are so many benefits for you and your customers:

  • Professional hardened stainless-steel cutter can withstand a lot of things. This includes the occasional ‘unauthorised’ object.
  • Continuous operation without tripping.
  • There are both horizontal or vertical discharge pipe connections.
  • Flexible discharge pipe adapters for outer pipe diameters of 23, 25, 28 and 32mm.
  • Thermal overload switch.
  • Drain down hose connection.
  • Modular design for ease of service.

Do you want to know the best bit?

Well, we have included the SOLOLIFT2 WC-3 (HG775330) in Trade Saver! This means that you get one of these great products at a great price too.

The WC-3 is also in our Always Available next day range so you can place your order today and pick it up tomorrow in your local branch.

What’s special about the WC-3 I hear you ask?

Watch this short video to find out the answer to this question:

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