If you work with a lot of boilers, you may have noticed smart thermostats are growing in popularity for customers.

Whether you’ve fitted a load already or none at all, smart thermostats like Hive Active Heating are worth knowing about with the Boiler Plus changes. From April 6th 2018, the new legislation gives you four options of additional items which must be fitted alongside a combi boiler, one of which is a device with Automation and Optimisation, like a smart thermostat.

Here’s six reasons to think about Hive Active Heating:

1) Control and flexibility

One of the main reasons homeowners love smart thermostats is because of the control and flexibility they offer over their homes, and Hive Active Heating does just that. The wireless thermostat connects to the Hive Hub, meaning customers can control their heating (and if they’ve got a hot water tank they can control that too) from their mobile device or even from an Amazon Alexa. Whether they’ve forgotten to turn the heating off or want to set a schedule without moving, they can.

2) Easy to fit

If you’ve worked with Hive’s products before, you’ll know they’re simple and easy to install. The Hive Hub just needs connecting to the router and then you’ll need to connect a Wi-Fi receiver to the boiler. Bish-bash-bosh!

3) Save on money and energy

We all love to save some dosh, and smart thermostats can help us do just that, as well as saving on energy usage. According to Hive, you could save a whopping £130 a year on heating bills, by never having to heat an empty home!

4) Simple to use

One of the best things about Hive Active Heating is how easy it is for both you and your customers to use. With a clearly labelled screen, dial to turn the temperature up or down, and boost buttons on the top, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out.

5) Stylish design

You’ve probably had a fair few customers complain about how thermostats look in the past, but no need to worry. The Hive thermostat has a modern and sleek design, with mirrored surfaces and soft curved edges to fit in perfectly with any home.

6) Ideal for integration

If your customer already has other Hive products, like smart plugs, light bulbs, security cameras or door and window sensors, Hive Active Heating will fit in perfectly. All of these products can be controlled from the Hive app, so there’s no need to download a load of different things!

Want to find out more about Hive’s range of smart products? Just pop into your nearest branch and ask your local specialist.