The Sentinel Vortex300 filter is a compact unit designed to fit perfectly in smaller spaces and we took a look at the key points you would need to consider in order to install one of these in your customers’ property.

The why?

In order to decide if a filter is necessary we first need to look at what they do and why you would potentially need to install one. The magnetic filters are used to trap sludge caused from inevitable corrosion in a heating system, which can block boiler heat exchangers, pumps and valves. The sludge, which comes from iron or steel corrosion is caught by the magnet within a filter ensuring water can continue to flow.

The when?

Let’s ask ourselves an important question here: Does every boiler need a filter? Any boiler can breakdown in all systems but if there are narrow waterways the chances of a blockage are much higher. More modern boilers in particular have heat exchangers with narrow tubes that speed up the transfer of heat but can be more prone to a blockage.

The how?

Installing a filter may sound like a big job, but if you choose the right product, it’s actually a lot simpler than you may think. With the Vortex300 filter from Sentinel, there’s no need for specialist tools, in fact, all you need is a spanner and a pipe cutter. Follow these simple steps:

  • Simply turn off the power to the boiler and allow the system to cool, before draining an appropriate amount of water and cutting an adequate length of pipe
  • You then just attach the filter onto the pipework using a spanner and then tighten the filter connections by hand.
  • In terms of placement, you should install the filter on the system return pipe to the boiler rather than the flow pipe.

The what next?

After the installation of a Vortex300 filter, if the filter is retrofitted the unit should be flushed periodically during the first few days to remove any of the initial captured debris. Otherwise, it should also be flushed and emptied on an annual basis during the boiler service.
Emptying the filter on an annual service is also very simple, taking only minutes. A valve in the filter means any sludge that has been captured can simply be drained out, meaning you don’t need to take the filter apart.

If you want to find out more about the Sentinel Vortex300 pop into your local branch