Vokèra by Riello have put the safety of home owners at the heart of their technology with the newly launched evolve range of domestic gas boilers and that’s not all… there are loads of other features that make this a great choice.

Early warning system

The evolve is the first domestic gas boiler in the market to feature an integrated carbon monoxide (CO) monitor as standard so it will alert you sooner if there is a spike in CO emissions and will fail-safe the boiler. The boiler will also alert the user via the built in boiler display and on the mobile app (if used in conjunction with Vokèra’s optional BeSMART control) so it can be acted on quickly.

The integral carbon monoxide (CO) monitor operates as part of the evolve Active Combustion Control (ACC) system which can also reduce the gas consumption just adding to the benefits of the range.

We do have to mention at this point though that the built in system does NOT substitute a standalone CO detector and these will still need to be installed according to the regulations.

All the best bits

There is a very long list of the features of the evolve boilers and we picked just a few of our favourite:

  • 7 year warranty that can become 10 years when installed and registered with BeSMART
  • Fits into a cupboard (the lower two outputs for combi and system)
  • Rear Flue option across the whole range giving greater flexibility
  • ErP space heating efficiency of 94%
  • The combi models condense domestic hot water (DHW) mode and have a comparative DHW efficiency (SAP) of 77%
  • The combi models produce DHW up to 17.2 litres per minute at 35 degree C rise (evolve 42C)

Check out the full range of boilers available in our Boilers Plus publication or visit your local branch to find out more.