Hospitals and healthcare are essential for keeping us on our feet, but they also need equipment to make sure everything is running smoothly. Pland’s Rise and Fall Endoscopy Sink range has been specifically designed to support healthcare workers every day.

These specialist sinks are manufactured in Leeds from 316 grade stainless steel and are available in double bowl, double drainer configurations, with the option for bespoke sizes to suit any room. Made with a rise and fall facility which can be adjusted by a remote control from 790 to 1200mm in height, they’re suitable and comfortable for use by every member of staff.

There’s also a choice of tailored taps, including pillar taps and mixer taps, to suit the room or function of the sink. As well as the option to pierce units with apertures to allow automatic dosing, so whatever size or style your healthcare customer wants, Pland can help.

To find out more about Pland’s Rise and Fall Endoscopy Sink range, just visit your local branch.