A great shower in the morning can set your customers up for a good day.

Mira’s new Digital Shower makes sure they get the best experience possible, thanks to its push button start and digital temperature control. We spoke to our bathroom experts to get the lowdown.

What are the benefits?

The Mira Mode Shower is designed with both you and your customers in mind. For a consistent and powerful soak, it is possible to use the two shower heads at once, while the Mira Mode app further enhances the showering experience. There is an option to set the maximum temperature and shower duration to suit each person’s preference, and it’s possible to create up to ten personalised settings.

This is the perfect shower for those with sensitive skin, as it comes with the Skin Health Alliance dermatologically accredited Mira Switch headset, which has a soothe spray pattern option.

Meanwhile, the Mira Mode app will assist you through technical installation steps. It also helps detect and confirm if the handshower and deluge are correctly programmed to the controller.

Looking to the future

We spoke to our Bathroom Category Team to find out more about the digital shower revolution.

They believe digital showers are becoming increasingly common, as smart technology allows people to control their showers and make sure they are perfect every time. Support is available on the app, while the Mira Mode ensures easy operation for customers and installers. The popularity of digital showers is on the rise, so they’re definitely something to keep an eye out for!

For more information about the Mira Mode Digital Shower, pop into your local branch.