Off-grid homes present installers with a unique challenge, especially when space is limited. Kingspan Titan offers diesel and oil storage tanks to suit everyone, from homeowners and businesses, to those in the manufacturing and construction world.

Both types of tanks provide secure, flexible storage and dispensing solutions. They’ve got a small footprint but make a big impact, and also have quality monitoring systems to make sure you can keep an eye on the liquid levels inside and replenish your stocks before running out – so there’s no extra cost or stress.

Oil tanks of all sizes

Kingspan Titan’s EcoSafe tanks are integrally bunded to prevent spills and make sure your supply is safe.

They come in various sizes and styles – both horizontal and vertical – so you can find one to suit your space. The slim-line models are able to fit into tight areas and can even fit through a front door, perfect for properties with restricted access to the back garden!

All EcoSafe tanks come with a Watchman Alarm oil level monitor as standard, which uses a transmitter on top and ultrasonic level techniques to measure how much oil is inside. An LCD screen on a receiver, which can be located anywhere on the premises, shows the level of oil and any sudden drop will trigger an alarm. You can also refill your tank with plenty of time as you’ll get an alert when the levels are low – handy!

To find out more about Kingspan Titan’s tanks, pop into your nearest branch.