VSH XPress fittings from Pegler make jointing easier, faster and more cost effective than other jointing methods – a fittings system which simply presses together in seconds to create a perfect joint, every time.

Heat free

VSH XPress is exactly that. The system is totally heat free which has a list of benefits including:

  • Reduced time on the installation which ultimately costs you less
  • There is no need for a hot works permit or additional, costly insurance
  • Complete systems have an exceptionally clean bore with no flux residues keeping your work looking neat and professional

Lots of other benefits too

There are lots of other benefits to using the VSH XPress system including:

  • Available in sizes from 12mm up to 168.3mm
  • Covers a wide variety of applications in modern building services
  • System guarantees of 30 years for copper and stainless steel and 10 years for carbon

The technical details

The performance and working pressures vary by system so here are the details you may want to know:

  • Copper systems perform between -20°C and +110°C at a maximum working pressure of 16 bar
  • Stainless Steel and Carbon systems perform from -35°C to +135°C at a maximum working pressure of 16 bar
  • And finally, Gas installations are -20°C to +70°C at 5 bar and 1 bar within buildings
  • The system is designed for hydraulic system testing at up to 1.5 times working pressure, to a maximum of 16 bar. For testing at higher pressures and compressed air pipeline systems you should seek advice from Pegler Yorkshire

It’s made from tough stuff

VSH XPress Copper fittings are manufactured from copper and copper alloy, incorporating a black EPDM Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer O ring and a unique “Leak Before Press” (LBP) design. LBP has been developed to provide instant identification of joints that have been assembled correctly but mistakenly left un-pressed. This saves time, money and potentially expensive call backs.

Ideal for fast, efficient jointing of copper tube to BS EN 1057 R250 and R290 in sizes 12 to 108mm. They are designed for use on hot and cold water services, vented and unvented closed circuit heating, chilled water and oil-free compressed air applications within permissible pressure and temperature limits. VSH XPress Copper fittings are approved to the new Kitemark certification BS 8537:2010 for use with copper tube.

Want to find out more?

Find out more about how to install the VSH Xpress system here:

Pop into your local branch to find out more about the range and ask about our great pricing and availability too. If you haven’t already, why not open an account with Graham? Find out how here and what the benefits are to you!