It works like the well-known, original Nest control with a dial operation and has the same iconic round shape but it is packed with loads more features so we listed just five of our favourites:

New display

The frosted display will give you hours of fun as it will show you the temperature when you’re close and then it disappears when you walk away… Like magic

Ultimate control

It can be controlled in many ways including via an app or by connecting to your home assistant to control it with your voice. Great for when you are busy and have your hands full!

Even greater control

It can also be controlled from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection, with the handy app which can be installed on your smartphone, tablet or desktop

Saving energy

The energy saving features also include a Nest leaf symbol that tells you that you have adjusted your heating to an energy saving temperature

Ready and waiting for you

There is a clever little feature called True radiant that actually turns on the heating earlier than the scheduled time so that when the time arrives it’s already at the desired temperature. Now that is smart technology

You can find out more about this new product at your local branch or on our website