Adey have listened to customers and looked at the situations where a filter isn’t being installed due to space restrictions and found a way to make it possible for every home to have one. Here are the top 5 ways that the MagnaClean Atom has been designed to fit just about anywhere:

Less space on the pipework

You only need to cut out 115mm of pipe to fit the filter. If you compare this with the best-selling MagnaClean Professional2 that has a cut-out length of 150mm this is a significant reduction to allow for smaller installation spaces.

Up, down, left, right

It fits vertically or horizontally on the pipework. Again if we compare this with the Professional2 MagnaClean filter which can only be installed vertically you have a much greater flexibility to install the filter where space is restricted.

Bypass mode

The filter can be switched to bypass so you don’t need to turn off the heating system when servicing. This isn’t necessarily a feature about the size but we think it’s a super feature that means you spend less time on servicing with a simple bypass to allow water to still flow around the system while you clean the magnets.

Ready to go

Supplied fully assembled and ready to install so you don’t spend as long constructing the filter on site.

Simple Fittings

Slip socket design to allow easy installation which makes it less tricky to install on shorter pipe lengths as well as time saving.

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