This week has seen the start of a smarter way to work with Graham. We’ll give you the best level of service every time you visit one of our branches.

We have introduced a fixed priced range of over 30,000 products from bathrooms, heating and plumbing to tools, commercial and smart technology.

Every price has been researched in the market to give you a fair and consistent price so you know that whatever day of the week or month you will get given the same price in any one of our branches.

We have also invested in our stock to introduce an improved and wider Always Available range to every branch so when you go into your local Graham branch you are sure to find what you need.

There are over 2,000 products Always Available in every one of our branches from a range of categories, plus local ranges giving the best possible solutions.

In order to show you exactly what is on offer in your local branch we have introduced two new publications:

Trade Saver

This publication shows you the top products that we believe are well known in the market and includes products that you want every day.

AA guide

This brochure gives you the list of over 2,000 Always Available products in every branch so you can check what we stock and what you will need to order in advance for a job.

And don’t forget… the AA Pledge is still in action and if it’s not in stock when we say it is then you can claim £10.

With Graham you always get your money’s worth.