With the colder months drawing ever closer, your customers may be looking at upgrading their heating to a smart system, so we have been doing our research to try and help you out this winter.

Here are our top six, favourite features:

1. Room By Room Heating

Everyone is unique and whether it’s which way the jam and cream goes on to a scone or what temperature you like in your home, everyone has different preferences. That’s exactly why Wiser offers room by room heating with Smart Radiator Thermostats. Creating up to 16 zones using 32 devices means every room in the home can be individually controlled.

2. Ultimate Control

There are lots of clever little features that allow absolute control over the heating and, more importantly, they are really easy to use. The heating can be controlled via the Wiser Heat app so it can be turned on or off from anywhere.

Wiser also works with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant so if your customer has their hands full, they don’t have to dig out their phone or go to the thermostat to change the temperature.

Also controllable from the devices; if a particular room is feeling a little chilly or a bit too warm there is a handy twist-top feature on the radiator thermostat that allows for a +/- 2°C boost for 60 minutes so a quick adjustment can be made.

3. Energy Saving Features

Saving money on heating bills is really important to everyone, Wiser’s Eco Mode is the combination of optimum stop and weather compensation, which once enabled, learns about the thermal profiles of the home then turns the heating off a bit early, saving energy.

Away Mode enables your customer to set the whole system off or to a lower temperature at once, at the tap of a toggle.  So, if your customer is whisked off for a weekend, unexpectedly, they can just activate Away Mode for the duration of their trip.

There’s also Open Window Detection which spots when there is a sudden drop in temperature in a room.  When activated and an open window is detected it will automatically turn off the heating in that room, preventing all the heat escaping out of the window.

4. Easy Upgrade

It’s not only great for your customers; it’s also perfect for you! The installation is simple and straightforward with everything you need included in the box.  The Heat Hub fits onto a standard wall plate, so if this is already there, there’s no need for any wiring changes. The radiator thermostats are also easy to install as they simple mount on to most existing radiator valves with a simple screw on adapter.

5. Smart Plugs

As well as the heating controls mentioned above you can also get Wiser smart plugs that allow control over other electrical appliances such as lamps and hair straighteners.  This is great for customers that find that they often forget to turn off certain devices or for those who want added security. What we mean by added security is that it can be a deterrent for potential intruders if the lights are turning on and off even if nobody is home as it gives the appearance that someone is in.

6. Red Dot Design award winner 2018

The Wiser Radiator Thermostat is styled in a similar way to the iconic Drayton TRV4 with a simple and slim-line design giving a discreet look.  This in addition to the twist top boost function and the clear LED feedback have all led to winning the Red Dot Design award for outstanding innovation and functionality.