As heating engineers, you’re a busy bunch. No two days are the same and you may have several jobs in different areas to squeeze into a short period of time, especially at this time of year.

Testo know you haven’t got time to be messing around, so their products are designed to make your life easier.

Smart Probes

You’ve got a few jobs on the go, it’s cold and you get a call from a customer saying their boiler isn’t working.

There’s no need to stress about how long that extra work might take you. Testo’s Smart Probes Heating Set provide a fast, easy and inexpensive way of measuring and diagnosing any faults with a boiler or heating system, so you can find and fix the issue as quickly as possible and get yourself home that bit sooner.

Thermal Camera

Underfloor heating is becoming more popular in the UK, but ever wondered how you can test its performance once you’ve fitted it?

Testo have got you covered! Their 869 Thermal Camera allows you to survey underfloor heating, showing you an image of the location and route of the pipes. This means it’s easy to see if any areas are leaking or aren’t performing as they should be – cracking, eh?

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