Falling leaves, colder temperatures, a whole new season – there’s loads going on in September, including Gas Safety Week, which runs from September 18th to 24th!

Take the time

This year, we’re asking you to take a few extra minutes on each job to look for any warning signs that your customers’ gas appliances could be faulty. This includes black staining, excessive condensation, an intermittent pilot light or lazy yellow flames.

According to the Gas Safe Register, one in 11 gas cookers, one in 9 gas boilers and half of all gas fires inspected are unsafe. By keeping your eyes peeled when you’re out and about, you could help bring the number of unsafe appliances in homes down and keep customers safe.

Spread the word

As a Gas Safe registered engineer, we know gas safety is on your radar all-year round, but it might not be as much of a priority for your customers.

Gas Safety Week is all about raising awareness with friends, family, neighbours, customers and anyone else you can think of! Let ‘em know about the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances, encourage them to sign up for an annual service, get a carbon monoxide alarm and be aware of the symptoms of CO poisoning.

Let us know how you’re keeping your customers safe! Tell us what you’ve checked that day or send us a picture of you looking for the warning signs. You never know, you might win some prizes…