The weather is warm(ish) and the kids will soon be off school, which only means one thing – it’s the time of year thousands of us pack our shorts and head off on our hols! There’s no need for you or your customers to worry about the safety of your homes though, as the Nest Cam IQ has moved outside.

Here’s five things you didn’t know this cracking piece of kit could do:

1. Tell the difference between a person and a moving object

If you or your customers have a big tree or washing line that is waving around, it’s not an issue for the Nest Cam IQ outdoor. It’s smart enough to know the difference between that and a person and send an alert if there’s someone there.

2. Work in all weather conditions

Wind, rain, snow or shine, the camera is heavily weatherproofed to stand up to all conditions. It also has a hidden power cable, which means it’s tamper-resistant.

3. Send an alert if it hears noises

The Nest Cam IQ can detect people talking or dogs barking and send an alert to the Nest app, which then lets you see exactly what’s going on. It’s got three microphones and a speaker, so if someone’s hanging around, you can ask them what they want or tell them to leave.

4. Distinguish between familiar faces and strangers

Nest Aware is a subscription service that adds video storage and intelligence. That means you can receive a notification when it detects someone familiar or unfamiliar. It can even let you know who was detected, and you can get a notification when it detects a person talking or a dog barking.

5. Keep an eye on a specific area

Whether you want to keep an eye on your van full of tools or your customer wants to look after their car, Nest Aware lets you create Activity zones, so you’ll get an alert when someone is detected in that specific area.

Just like the indoor version, the Nest Cam IQ has a 4K digital sensor, 1080p HD video and Supersight, which lets you zoom in up to 12 times to get a better look at a particular spot.

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