As a leading provider of LPG regulators, changeover valves and equipment, Clesse are always looking to create new and innovative products for the sector, and their newest range is no different.

If you regularly fit LPG products, you may already have heard about Clesse’s new range of Clessinox stainless steel cylinder pigtails and changeover kits, but here’s five things you should know about them.

1. They’re pretty tough

Made of stainless steel with additional braiding and then a UV stabilised PVC outer sleeve, the pigtails are armoured to ensure a long life and protection from rodents.

2. Long life

Thanks to their durability, the stainless cylinder pigtails can provide double or triple the life of a full rubber pigtail install kit, according to Clesse UK.

3. No noise

Their wide bore design and ultraset non-return valves provide a silent operation, as well as fast reset.

4. Minimal contamination

There’s no plasticiser material in contact with LPG, which helps to minimise oil contamination in downstream equipment.

5. Low pressure loss

The high pressure hoses provide low pressure loss and full capacity, even with cylinder pressures as low as 0.5 bar.

Although Clesse recommends a replacement after 10 years, if there are no signs of visible deterioration, damage to the hose or leaks at the connections, then the lifespan can be even longer. Better yet, Clesse are offering their Compact800 OPSO automatic changeover kits with the new pigtails incorporated.

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