As seasoned fitters of bathrooms, you’ll know materials like marble and granite are a popular choice with homeowners for a quality finish. But did you know Dow Corning 785N Neutral Sanitary Sealantis the ideal product for the job?

What’s so good about it?

It’s a neutral silicone, meaning there’s no acid present during the curing and it is suitable for use on metallic surfaces, like aluminium, brass, copper and stainless steel without causing any corrosion. So if your customer has picked a gold, rose gold or copper tap, or aluminium shower screen – it’s the perfect match.

As well as non-porous surfaces, Dow Corning 785N Neutral Sanitary Sealant also provides great adhesion to porous materials like granite, limestone and marble – ideal for using on quality kitchen or bathroom tiles. Stain testing should be undertaken for natural porous surfaces prior to application.

Thanks to the neutral cure process, it won’t stink up your customer’s home and it’ll keep its lovely colour, as it is mould and mildew resistant. Plus, it remains permanently flexible for lasting performance, has low shrinkage and a fast cure and tack-free time.

Where can you grab some?

If you’ve got a high-spec bathroom job coming up and you reckon Dow Corning 785N Neutral Sanitary Sealant is a great fit, just pop into your local Graham branch to pick some up!