The Danfoss Link™ is a Smart heating controller which operates wirelessly using individual electronic TRVs. This means that the home can be heated just how your customer likes it depending on the time of day and the rooms used most. We have compiled a list of the top 7 reasons to recommend one to your customer:

Reason 1: Connectivity:

The Danfoss Link™ links all of the elements of the heating system including room sensors so everything works in unison. This makes it perfect for larger homes or apartments where different needs are to be met throughout the property.

Reason 2: Control:

Your customers can start saving from day one as they take control as soon as you have installed it. It gives them the ability make energy savings and still have a comfortable temperature where it’s needed. You can set up the system so individual rooms can be controlled or you can group the TRV’s and create Zones if this suits your customer better. Schedules can also be created which is great for people with a regular routine so the heating is at the desired temperature ready for the time of day it’s needed most.

Reason 3: Easy to use:

The heating system can be controlled via the central controller OR your customer can download the Danfoss Link App. This allows quick and simple access to the heating system even when out and about. Great way to save energy when the heating has been left on and you are away for a long period of time.  

Reason 4: Easy to install:

It’s super quick and easy for you to install in a customer’s home with information guides and videos available online to help take you through the whole process.

Reason 5: Easy to maintain:

You can download the latest software for the customer by using the WiFi link on the central controller so your customer has the most efficient and up to date version.

Reason 6: Danfoss Quality:

Danfoss is a leading manufacturer of world-class heating products for the residential and commercial markets, with factories throughout Europe, including in the UK and Denmark. Here is what their Marketing and Technical Manager, Gareth Ash, had to say about the Danfoss Link™:  

“Danfoss Link™ is the very latest in smart heating technology, and we are delighted to bring this innovation to the market. We all expect to be able to communicate, shop and play on our smartphones and tablets – now we can control our home environment, keep our bills low and reduce our energy usage too. This exciting new development offers real benefits for homeowners and excellent business opportunities for installers”

Reason 7: Graham offer:

We bring you this system as a starter kit which includes a central controller, boiler relay and 3 radiator thermostats at a great price of £279 (Excluding VAT). Just quote product code HDLSTARK in branch to get all this.

Pop into your local branch to find out more or to order one today.