We told you about our mega heating packs back in February this year so let’s talk about our radiator packs available in branch. Not only do we offer great service to our customers, we also provide fantastic quality products at fabulous prices.

How does it work?

There are 4 options for the Stelrad Vita Compact radiator packs with only two ‘rules’:

  1. Firstly, the radiators must not exceed the BTU limit given for that pack code
  2. Secondly and finally, the number of radiators added to the pack must not exceed the limit given
CodeBTU/hr limitMaximum no.
of radiators
Price (EX VAT)
price is valid from July – September 2019

So all you need to do is pick the radiators that are right for the job!

Our Stelrad Vita Compact radiator packs are a permanent feature in the Boilers Plus brochure. You can pick up a copy in branch or download today from our online literature.

We have introduced two new Stelrad packs to Trade Saver for the Vita Deco radiators which follow similar rules. However, you will get either 3 or 5 15mm angled TRV4s with integral head and lockshield valves included in the price. This particular offer is only available until the end of September but look out for the next edition where new offers will be included!

Code BTU/hr limit Maximum no. of radiators Number of Drayton packs included Price (EX VAT)
price is valid from July – September 2019
HVD3TRV415,00033From £299
HVD5TRV420,00055From £449

What are the benefits of buying the Vita Compact?

To answer that question we can sum it up with three key points:

Stelrad Vita Compact
  1. Ideal for low energy heating systems as they give fantastic heat output from a smaller radiator footprint (compared to the popular standard Vita Series)
  2. Where wall space is at a premium the compact range is perfect to fit in where it’s possible
  3. It’s a stylish compact with the compact price to match

What about the Vita Deco?

Again, we have 3 simple, but key, points to highlight for this range:

Stelrad Vita Deco
  1. If your customer is after a minimalist style with a sleek design this is the radiator for you
  2. The range is available in a wide range of heights and widths so can be tailored to work for any space
  3. New packaging has been designed so that the radiator is protected throughout storage and transit AND can be kept on while installing to protect you too

Pop into your local Graham branch to find out more and to get a quote today.