The first Wi-Fi enabled magnetic filter, the MagnaClean Professional3 Sense, has arrived. We took a look at the main benefits for you and your customers.

System Performance Alerts

Once you have installed the filter and connected it to the Wi-Fi it will send alerts to your ADEY ProClub® App. You can then see if there are any potential system problems. This includes things like the magnetite level or the battery life so you can visit your customer BEFORE there are any real issues. What a great idea!

LED light functionality

This feature lets you know the level of magnetite that the filter has captured so you can be sure that it’s working and also when it’s full up you can make sure it gets emptied and cleaned ready to go again. But don’t forget you can monitor this through the App and get an alert that tells you when there is a problem which is the really clever bit!

Automated Warranty

There is no need to fill in your details anywhere because once the filter is connect with the Wi-Fi and your ADEY ProClub® App the filter will automatically get registered.

Annual Service reminders

When the filter is connected via the app you will get alerts to tell you when your customer is due an annual service on your device. This is a great way to manage your customers and it helps to make sure you are the one that the customer gets back in every year to service the boiler.

It’s easy to remember the main features of this product when you speak to your customers if you remember the 3 P’s: 

  • PREDICTS: Predicts problems that can be fixed before it’s too late
  • PREVENTS: Offers connected preventative maintenance
  • PROTECTS: Protects the heating system

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