We know Cistermiser’s hydraulic valve range is essential to a lot of the work you do, so we’ve added two of its products to our always available range.

Pop in whenever you need it

Always available means exactly that. Visit any of our branches across the country and you’ll be able to pick up the Standard (STD) and Infra-Red (IRC2) valves there and then!

Cistermiser’s hydraulic valves fit on the supply pipe to a urinal cistern. Their unique mechanism prevents water waste by ensuring an auto-flush cistern is only filled and can only flush when the washroom is used. The valves respond to short-term pressures drops created by taps or WCs on the same supply being used.

Giving you what you want

In recent years, Cistermiser noticed the most popular choice for high-sensitivity, low-pressure applications was its IRC2 infrared urinal flushing control. So from 1st June, the company discontinued the HSLP valve in favour of what installers wanted, except for a modest stock kept for essential spares requirements.

All in branch

Whichever product you’re on the lookout for, we stock them in our branches. To grab yours or for more information, just visit your local branch.