Adey have been looking at the changes and creating guidance on how to comply with BS 7593:2019. Visit the site now to get the low-down.

What is BS 7593:2019? This is the British Standard code of practice for the preparation, commissioning and maintenance of domestic central heating and cooling water systems.

Can we break it down? Adey have produced this quick guide for when you just need a quick refresh on the new standards:

There are 6 main actions that Adey have identified as key to complying to the standards:

  1. Clean: Use cleaning chemicals to shift any sludge that has already built up in the systems pipes.
  2. MagnaCleanse: Flush the entire system, so that the water is completely free from sludge.
  3. MagnaClean: Fit a filter to keep freshly cleaned water clear.
  4. Protect: Dose the system with the protective chemicals to slow and even stop corrosion.
  5. Test: Check the system’s water regularly with test kits.
  6. Maintain: Keep up with the maintenance to provide maximum protection, whether cleaning the filter or re-dosing with chemicals.

There is lots more information available from Adey on their website and your local Graham branch will be able to help with any questions too.