Picture this, you arrive at a job and the entire area is caked in grime – what do you do? Run around like a headless chicken is not the right answer. Just get yourself one, or all, of these three kinds of Big Wipes!

For hands

So you’ve been working hard all day and you’re looking a bit mucky. Don’t put all that rubbish down your sink – that’s what Heavy-Duty Big Wipes are for!

These bad boys have two sides. One is textured for removing even the most stubborn grime, and the other scrubbing side is to soak up any leftover dirt. They’re quick, easy to use and have skin conditioners to keep your hands in good nick for the next job.

For surfaces

Multi-Surface Big Wipes are – you guessed it – best for getting dirt and grime off counters, worktops, tiles, window frames or sills, cabinets, flooring and more.

Made from a natural viscose, these wipes are incredibly absorbent and perfect for getting rid of any leftover muck before or after a job and leaving your customer’s home looking lovely.

For economy

You probably know ‘em already as the Multi-Purpose Big Wipes have been around for over a decade and can turn their hand – or wipe – to a bit of everything. They’re super tough, made from a quilted and layered power-fabric that is tear resistant and lint free!

In every branch

Whether you’re picking up your first pack of Big Wipes or you’ve been using them for years, you’ll find them in stock at your local Graham branch.