If we say smart showers, you might pull a face and think that they’re really difficult to install, but you’d be wrong. Contrary to popular belief, smart showers are pretty straightforward to fit and use, and Aqualisa have created a series of videos to help you get started.

A wealth of knowledge

Having introduced the first ever smart shower to the market in 2001, Aqualisa have plenty of knowledge to share with the plumbing community. They’ve developed their products over many years to suit the needs of both installers and homeowners.

Aqualisa’s new smart installation videos demonstrate just how easy it is to install a smart shower, plus they offer instant help and guidance while you’re on the job.

With videos that cover a range of subjects, including what a smart shower is, how they work and how to install a rail kit, there’s something to help you every step of the way. Aqualisa has even split them into topics and segments, so you can skip straight to the section you want.

Start watching

You can watch all of Aqualisa’s videos on their website via the install club and customer care pages. Visit your local branch to find out more about Aqualisa’s products.