Instead of just telling you why we think a product is great we asked one of our Graham Family, Hayley, to share her personal experience with a Smart Thermostat after recently having one installed. Keep reading to see what she has to say about the Tado Smart Thermostat.

Why Go Smart?

We moved into our home 4 years ago and decided straight away that the thermostat installed would be soon gone with it being a basic 7 day thermostat without individual room control. With both of us being out of the house at different times on different days of the week we knew we needed something that would work with our lifestyle.

We knew that we wanted a smart thermostat that would learn our routine or would work on an app so that we could make sure the house was warm when we needed it to be. We also knew that we wanted to eventually add TRV’s to the house to have individual room control and these needed to look stylish too. We then discovered geo-location technology that would allow the heating to switch on when we were on our way home – perfect for my husband who works odd shift patterns.

Also, I just really liked the idea of having a gadget filled home to make life easier…

Why the Tado?

Having narrowed down our options to two, Tado won the battle based on its simple room thermostat and discreet Smart TRV’s. I also visited a trade show where I was able to look and feel the quality of the options which helped. Now we had to make sure it was compatible with the heating system and make sure we ordered the right parts for the type of control we wanted.

A great thing about a lot of the smart thermostats is that they work with most major boiler manufacturers. We had a wireless system installed and wanted to keep it that way so we had to purchase the room thermostat AND the extension kit. I think it’s a shame that these two parts aren’t included in one box and that there should be an option between a wired and wireless kit perhaps.

How was the installation?

Installation was so easy and didn’t require a lot of effort to get it up and running quickly. We did have an issue with getting the bridge to connect to the internet and, after a few phone calls, we discovered that because we had another device connected to the router it was stopping the Tado from getting a connection. Once we unplugged the other device it worked perfectly and we have since been able to plug back in the other device and it works fine.

The extension kit acted in the same way as the old receiver and we could even leave the old back plate installed. When you are installing the device you log into Tado and follow on screen prompts on what to do when and this links to the devices serial number so it makes sure everything is being done correctly before moving to the next step. I absolutely love this feature as there is no way of doing a step incorrectly or having to try and look at a piece of paper while stuck in a dark cupboard with no light.

What’s the App functionality like?

To start with it isn’t the easiest home screen to navigate with lots of symbols and numbers all over the place but Tado do offer a good explanation of what everything means on their website. The schedule is great to have and combined with the geo-location it makes sure that the heating isn’t on when nobody is home. We have also noticed a much more comfortable room temperature. One of my favourite things about choosing to go Smart is that we have a dog that we take for long country walks and when we are on our way back we are confident there will be a lovely and cosy home waiting for us.

What next?

Next year we will be investing in the TRV’s in the range so that we can make sure the right rooms are at the right temperature for when we need them. For example, my husband starts work at 2am so he is often in bed a lot earlier than me and with it being much colder downstairs in the evenings I turn the heating right up but this means that he is on the second floor of the house getting rather warm.

For more information on the range of Smart products available at Graham check out our website or Smart brochure