At Graham, we like to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to industry trends. That’s why we’re excited to unveil our new Smart Technology Guide!

Packed with the latest innovations from Nest, Netatmo, Hive, Honeywell and more, it features everything you need to discuss smart homes with your customers and help find a solution which works for them.

Why smart?

Smart technology gives your customers greater control over their homes and is flexible to fit their needs.

Whether they’re going to be late home from work and want to change when their heating comes on, turn appliances on or off, or take a look at that’s going on inside their home – they can. Smart products are designed for all eventualities, and could help your customers save on their energy costs.

What’s on offer

Our new Smart Technology Guide features the latest products from a number of innovative suppliers.

The Nest Protect helps guard your home from fire and carbon monoxide. This handy alarm lets you know if it senses smoke or CO and can send you a message if there’s a problem.

Netatmo’s Welcome Smart Home Camera lets you monitor inside your home. With night vision, facial recognition and connection from their security app to receive notifications, you can look after your home anytime, from anywhere.

You can set your plugs to switch off when you leave the house, turn an appliance off without moving from the sofa or receive an alert when your window or door is opened with the Hive Active Plug & Hive Sensors.

Honeywell’s Lyric T6 Smart Programmable Thermostat is designed to fit your lifestyle. Control your heating and hot water from wherever you are with the Lyric app, it can even use your phone’s location to work out how far away from home you are so the heating will be on ready for when you arrive.

To find out more about smart products, take a look at our guide or pop in to your nearest branch.