Adey are setting a new trend – a ten-year warranty on their MagnaClean Professional2 and Micro2. That’s not just a warranty on the shell of the filter, but the whole product!

Built to last

MagnaClean filters can reduce home heating bills and carbon emissions by 6% year-on-year, and increase the lifespan of a boiler by protecting heating systems from a buildup of iron oxide sludge.

Adey are setting the trend because they’re so confident in their products, each of which goes through more than 2,000 hours of testing to make sure only the best materials are used. To ensure their products will withstand the test of time, they even simulate ten-year system cycle tests for temperature, pressure, thermal-shock, hydrostatic destruction and more.

Proud of their work

“The extensive testing we undertake on our products means we are the only filter manufacturer that can provide installers with a ten-year warranty on the whole product, not just the shell of the filter,” says Adey Chief Executive John Vaughan. “This will help give installers and their customers peace of mind that they can trust MagnaClean to provide optimum boiler protection for the long-term without issue.”

To find out more about Adey’s filters, pop into your local branch.