Customers are always on the look out for the most efficient product to heat their homes. Listening to their feedback, Warmflow has launched the new Utility HEE Combi Boiler – the UK and Ireland’s only AA rated oil combination boiler. Impressive, right?

We spoke to our expert and Category Manager John Irvine to get the lowdown on this new boiler.

What are the benefits?

The new AA rated boiler is good for both customers and installers. It’s highly efficient, helping your customers to save money by reducing their heating costs, as well as lowering the impact on the environment.

It delivers water heating efficiency at 82% – up to 30% more efficient than other leading brands boilers.

What’s more, the Utility HEE Combi Boiler can save you time and money, as it’s easy install.

A step forward

Warmflow has raised the bar with the introduction of the first and only AA rated combi oil boiler.

Our expert, John, says: “At a time when customers are searching for savings and installers are looking for products which allow for an easier and less time consuming install, Warmflow have delivered a product which offers real benefits to both the customer and the installer. We are sure other manufacturers will follow.”

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