Our clever friends at Fernox have launched a new and unique chemical water treatment. Filter Fluid + Protector is able to enhance the performance of any high quality system filter and offers maximum protection against the damage caused by sludge, scale and circulating debris. Interested? Then read on to find out more.

The chemical water treatment combines an active dispersant with the proven effectiveness of Fernox Protector F1, which prevents further corrosion and scale formation. The dispersant is formulated to detect, lift and deliver sludge and debris to a system filter for safe, fast removal.

Suitable for all new and existing installations, Filter Fluid+ Protector offers installers a viable solution when powerflushing is not practical or possible. For example, for a lightly sludged system, which has previously been pre-commissioned correctly but inhibitor levels have lapsed over time, or when poor system design or low flow rates means thorough cleaning is difficult to achieve. It can also prove invaluable for heating systems that need to operate around the clock – by avoiding critical downtime.

Even better news is that product trials have established that when used in conjunction with Cleaner F3 on systems that have a filter installed, Filter Fluid+ Protector can speed up the cleaning process by as much as 50%.

So look out for Filter Fluid+ Protector in your local Graham branch!