Time is money in the plumbing and heating world. When you’re working on a job, the last thing you need is to keep going back and forth in search of the right replacement part. That’s where PartsArena comes in.

A license costs just £225 plus VAT per year, equivalent to 61p a day and is available on Android, iOS and Windows.

Here are 5 reasons it could make your job a lot easier.

1. Thousands of technical manuals

Every so often, you’ll work on a job with unfamiliar products. The PartsArena app makes this easy. With user and installation manuals for more than 15,000 gas appliances, you can fast find the information you need via your mobile phone.

2. Right part, first time

Unwittingly ordering the wrong part isn’t just time consuming, it’s annoying. PartsArena lets you find the manufacturer’s part codes, so you can identify the right part, first time – no messing!

3. Detailed diagrams

Know there’s a problem but not sure what it is? This app’s got your back. You can access detailed diagrams with exploded views and interactive hotspots to help you work out what and where the fault is.

4. Stockist locator

If you’re working somewhere new and aren’t sure where the nearest Graham Merchants is, PartsArena will find it and show you how to get there. No need to waste your fuel driving around and getting lost.

5. No signal? No problem

We know what you’re thinking. This all sounds great, but what happens when you’re at a job in the sticks and lose signal? Not an issue. Once the app has been downloaded, it’s all there for you, whether you’re on or offline.

All 189 of our UK branches use our parts finder tool, powered by PartsArena, to help you find what you need.

To find out more about the app, visit the PartsArena website.